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Alone we can do so little,
TOGETHER, we can do so much…

Hellen Keller


Friends of the Philippines Society USA Inc. (FRIENDSPHSUSA)

Friends of the Philippines Society USA Inc. is a multicultural 501c3 not for profit organization
established in December 2017. It was formed to promote and support understanding
of the Philippines in the United States by providing meaningful exchange of opportunities,
connections and information through Arts and Culture, Education, Business and Healthcare programs.

Founder’s Foreword


For over three decades, we have called New York City our home. We especially embrace this “City that never sleeps” diverse culture, arts, cuisine, economic global spot and many more – a true melting pot of humanity. It posts the question, WHY IS DIVERSITY, EQUALITY AND INCLUSION IMPORTANT TO US?

Being of Filipino and Chinese ancestry, we both reached the American dream in the real estate and arts industries. Fortunately, we are fated with our positions to be active and be able to give back to the community.

The daily changes going on in America and that of the world, especially with the emergence of speedy global information via social media, it became more apparent to us the complicated society we live in. It is important now more than ever to assert that co-existence and equality matter.

In December 2017, we formed a not-for-profit organization and named it FRIENDS of the Philippines Society USA Inc. (Friendsphsusa). This platform is established with the aim of creating a harmonious environment where we could embrace our differences and respect each other’s belief. The vision is to curtail discrimination, develop cultural identity and alleviate social and economic barriers.

We, therefore, would like to invite our FRIENDS to share their story that would inspire other people to live meaningful lives through our organization as the medium; thereby, building a better bridge of communication and understanding for the ever evolving world.

In order for FRIENDS of the Philippines Society USA Inc. to succeed, we need the support of each individual, organization, government institutions and corporations. We invite you to be a part of this profound mission as we pave way to a better version of our society at present and for the generations to come and inhabit this inheritance of mindful humanity.


Edwin R. Josue
Jerry Sibal
Vice President
Edwin R. Josue
Jerry Sibal

Connecting and Engaging

Community Development Programs for

FRIENDSPHSUSA is committed to serve and share our core values in dedicating
to bring inspiring, purposeful life to our people and community.

At FRIENDSPHSUSA, we recognize and celebrate each other’s uniqueness, culture and differences. 

We are a diverse group with myriad of backgrounds and mindsets.
It is a fertile ground for empowering a culture of creativity and innovation.

We ensure equal opportunity for fairness, growth and success
to benefit the individual, the group and the community.

We create an atmosphere of inclusive society for


We celebrate
a gift to humanity

Knowledge Does Matter



#StopAsianHate #StopAAPIHate